Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film


The art historian Neil Printz simply sees him as a milestone in culture, the meaning of which goes far beyond art history: " Andy Warhol is a milestone in our everyday culture, the entire culture since the end of the Second World War. For me he is probably the most important artist in the second half of the 20th century, perhaps the most important artist of the entire century, if we could find a visual expression of what it means to have lived in the past 50 years, the picture would be somewhere in Andy Warhol's universe. One could argue about what picture it is, it could be one of Marilyn Monroe's paintingshis. It could be a painting from the series with the car accidents or the atomic bomb or a Campbell's soup can. But I guess if we had to commit to one painting, it would be one of Andy Warhol. "No artist of the past century was in the spotlight more than he, no other staged there in such an inimitable way - and hardly any other artist So many visual documents have survived, and this four-hour documentary not only reconstructs Andy Warhol's resume and his brilliant career within the underground and the art world, the extensive archive material also illustrates American cultural history from the 1950s to the 1970s as Warhols " Factory"became a center of American contemporary art and pop culture. Not only his" superstars "like Edie Sedgwick , Viva and Candy Darling formed his" material "at the time, but also celebrities like Bob Dylan , Dennis Hopper and Susan Sontag . You and many others Style icons of those years are present in original documents, including many previously unpublished ones. 


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    234 min
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    Ric Burns
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    Laurie Anderson, Jeff Koons, Irving Blum, Salvador Dalí, Candy Darling, Donna De Salvo, Bob Dylan, Pat Hackett, Dave Hickey, Dennis Hopper, Paul Morrissey, George Plimpton, John Richardson, Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, Holly Woodlawn
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    High Line Productions
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Biografie Ric Burns

 Geboren in Baltimore, Maryland, war Ric Burns der Sohn eines Sozialanthropologen. Er studierte Englische Literatur an der Columbia University in New York City und der Cambridge University in England, bevor er mit seinem Bruder Ken Burns an der Arbeit über den Bürgerkrieg - Der amerikanische Bürgerkrieg (1990) arbeitete. Seine Produktionsfirma "Steeplechase Films" befindet sich in der Upper West Side von Manhattan. Zurzeit befindet er sich in der Postproduktion von zwei biografischen Dokumentarfilmen über Andy Warhol und Eugene O'Neill.

Filmografie Ric Burns

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