The 16-year-old Axel dropped out of school, no apprenticeship position is in sight and the relationship with his family - especially the stepfather - is getting worse.
Since Axel moved in the haze of a band of neo-Nazis , he has at least "comradely" support, but nothing in life is free. Under the leadership of violent Lippi, the neo-Nazis raided a charitable meal. By chaining unfortunate circumstances, Axel stabs social worker Thomas Lorenz. He hides from the police in the neighboring laundry of Gustav Tritzinsky ( Helmut Berger). Gustav is gay and 80 - the adolescent intruder fatally reminds him of his childhood sweetheart Hannes, who was kidnapped and killed by the Nazis because of the death of an HJ boy caused by Gustav. So it happens that Gustav lets the "burglar" stay overnight and in the following time a strange friendship develops between the two. Axel is also useful in the laundry - under the eyes of the neo-Nazis, who have now got wind of their gang member's relationship with a gay. Gustav's friends, including transsexual Christina Thürmer, urge the old man to hand over his protege to the police before an accident happens. When the neo-Nazi group is targeted by the police because of Thomas Lorenz's death, they want to get Gustav out of the way, thinking that Axel had initiated him into everything. Now Axel has to decide: for his brown "friends" or for humanity.
Main actor Helmut Berger received the SPECIAL TEDDY AWARD for his entire work in 2007.


  • Länge

    92 min
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    Peter Kern
  • Mitwirkende

    Helmut Berger, Harry Lampl, Melanie Kretschmann, Michael Steinocher, Manuel Rubey, Oliver Rosskopf, Matthias Stein, Sophie Schlichting, Heribert Sasse, Gregor Seberg, Lukas Perman, Stefan Bachmann, Paul Matic, Traute Furthner, Jazz Gitti
  • Produktionsfirma

    Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion
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Biografie Peter Kern

Geboren 1949 in Wien. War Sängerknabe und Theaterschauspieler. Ab 1973 Zusammenarbeit mit Rainer Werner Fassbinder. 1978 Bundesfilmpreis für seine Rollen in HITLER – EIN FILM IN DEUTSCHLAND und FLAMMENDE HERZEN. 1986 erster eigener Spielfilm EINE HANDVOLL VERGNüGEN. Darsteller unter anderem in Filmen von Werner Schroeter, Hans-Jürgen Syberberg, Christoph Schlingensief. 2001 mit FIFTY-FIFTY im Kurzfilmwettbewerb der Berlinale vertreten. Zuletzt 2012 mit GLAUBE, LIEBE, TOD Gast des Panoramas