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Alt om min Far

75 min.
Norwegen / Dänemark
Exposed Film Productions AS
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Teddy Award:
Best Documentary/ Essay Film

Esben Benestad lives as a doctor in a small Norwegian town. He has his own practice, has written two books on sex studies, is a columnist for a men's magazine, and is also active as a liberal politician. In Norway, Esben Benestad is also known in a different identity: as Esther Pirelli, sex therapist and occasional actress. Esben Benestad is a transvestite. With humor, affection and irony, his son draws a personal portrait of this dazzling man, without completely surrendering his talent for self-expression: "My father assumed that this film should introduce him as a colorful and complex personality who spent a lot of time and Spends strength struggling with the cultural bureaucracy. I was more interested in to show the whole personality and not to miss the father-son problem any more than the injuries that his self-realization has left behind on others. The fact that my father is a transvestite forms the basis of my film - it is only the starting point for a somewhat different kind of family saga. It was important to me to show that my family is not unique. There are many families like mine. "(Even Benestad)

BIOGRAFIE Even Benestad

Geboren am 16.9.1974 in Grimstad. Studi- um mit dem Schwerpunkt Kamera an der Film- und Fernsehakademie in Oslo. Hat seit 1997 als Kameramann gearbeitet, fünf Kurzfilme und im Jahr 2000 mehrere kurze Dokumentationen für das Norwegische Fernsehen gedreht. ALT OM MIN FAR ist sein erster langer Dokumentarfilm.

FILMOGRAFIE Even Benestad (Auswahl)

2014 Club 7   2011 Pushwagner  2011 300 Sekunder  2009 Tempus Fugit  2007 Natural Born Star  2001 Alt om min Far 

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