detours while speaking of monsters


A 4000-year-old aquatic monster is rendered invisible in present-day Turkey. Its myth dates back to the ancestors of Armenians and Kurds around Lake Van, a region that witnessed the ethnic cleansing of both peoples. However, the monster remains somewhat alive in the tales of the inhabitants, resisting falling entirely into oblivion. In this blue landscape, on the crossroads of mythological, political and personal realms, different forms of erasure are concealed. Meanwhile, old gods are upset with us, and I am upset with my father.


  • Runtime

    18 min
  • Country

    Germany, Turkey
  • Year of Presentation

  • Year of Production

  • Director

    Deniz Şimşek
  • Cast

    Emin Şimşek
  • Production Company

  • Berlinale Section

    Forum Expanded
  • Berlinale Category

    Short Film

dates of presentation

    1. Arsenal Cinema 1

      Potsdamer Str. 2
      10785 Berlin

    1. Cinema Betonhalle@Silent Green

      Gerichtstraße 35
      13347 Berlin

    1. Arsenal Cinema 2

      Potsdamer Str. 2
      10785 Berlin