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Dispatches from Elsewhere

94 min.
Year of Production:
Jason Segel (Ep. 1)
Sally Field
Richard E. Grant
André Benjamin
Eve Lindley
Production Company:
Scott Rudin Productions, Stalwart Productions
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Series
Berlinale Category:

A chain of strange coincidences leads computer scientist Peter to the mysterious Jejune Institute. Its charismatic director Octavio promises Peter a way out of the invisibility and quiet desperation of his everyday life, offering him instead the gateway to a life full of magic, beauty and “divine nonchalance”. Peter plays along. But is this really a game? Is it an alternative reality? Or a conspiracy making a bid for social control? Together with Simone, Janice and Fredwynn, Peter tries to decipher the signs and symbols and to get to the bottom of the institute’s secrets.

Created, produced, directed by and starring Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), the anthology series Dispatches from Elsewhere follow the fortunes of four people searching for respect and a place in the world. The protagonists fall into the hands of an institute in which distinctions between the internal and external, magic and manipulation, and good and bad intentions become blurred. A visual adventure poised somewhere between a new-age fairy tale and a trip into hilarious absurdity.

FILMOGRAFIE Jason Segel (Ep. 1) (selection)

2019 Dispatches from Elsewhere 

FILMOGRAFIE Wendey Stanzler (Ep. 2) (selection)

2019 Dispatches from Elsewhere 

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