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La casa dell'amore

77 min.
Year of Production:
Bianca Dolce Miele
Natasha De Casto
Dario Bacis
Domenico Monetti
Walter Zombie
Umberto Baccolo
Delfina Unno
Assila Cherfi
Production Company:
Effendefilm, Lab 80 film, ENECE film
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Documentary Film

Throughout its 77 minutes, the film never once leaves the small Milan apartment of Bianca Dolce Miele, a dark safe space illuminated by the warm light of the occasional candle, with objects arranged with ritualistic intention and a black cat always on the roam. A map of the heavens hangs above the bed, the outside world is accessed via telephone. “I’m always here, any time,” she promises her clients in a deep, throaty voice. “Give me half an hour to put on something sexy for you.” Bianca’s appearances in this film are self-determined and withstand any kind of normative gaze. The punters and friends who come calling each bring their own understanding of Bianca and the role of her profession: one quotes from the Bible, another sings a murder ballad, a third sets up a pristine white table upon her ambiguously gendered body, from which he eats tinned meat. “Tenderness always tells of new things,” is one way to translate the line from Sandro Penna that serves as the film’s motto. For Bianca’s invitation into her world is primarily directed at those who can only tell their stories in that space.


Born in Bergamo, Italy in 1976. He is a writer, photographer and filmmaker. Following numerous documentary films, he completed his feature film debut Abacuc in 2015. Ferri’s films are screened in national and international film festivals, museums and art galleries. Following Dulcinea (2018) und Pierino (2018), La casa dell'amore concludes his "Trilogy of the Apartment", three films shot entirely within three domestic settings.

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